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About the Fraction Calculator

This right triangle calculator lets you calculate the length of the hypotenuse or a leg or the area of a right triangle. For each case, you may choose from different combinations of values to input.

Also, the calculator will give you not just the answer, but also a step by step solution. So you can use it as a great tool to learn about right triangles.

Usage Guide

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i. Valid Inputs

Here are formats valid for input when the field required a single fraction.

  • Integers → 2\hspace{0.2em} 2 \hspace{0.2em}, 0\hspace{0.2em} 0 \hspace{0.2em}, 4\hspace{0.2em} -4 \hspace{0.2em}
  • Fractions → 2/3\hspace{0.2em} 2/3 \hspace{0.2em}, 1/5\hspace{0.2em} -1/5 \hspace{0.2em}
  • Mixed numbers → 51/4\hspace{0.2em} 5 \hspace{0.4em} 1/4 \hspace{0.2em}

In the calcuator for conversion between improper fractions and mixed numbers, the input needs to be an improper (top-heavy) fraction or a mixed number.

In the calculator for comparison of fractions, you can enter upto 10\hspace{0.2em} 10 \hspace{0.2em} fractions separated by commas.

ii. Example

If you would like to see an example of the calculator's working, just click the "example" button.

iii. Solutions

As mentioned earlier, the calculator won't just tell you the answer but also the steps you can follow to do the calculation yourself. The "show/hide solution" button would be available to you after the calculator has processed your input.

iv. Share

We would love to see you share our calculators with your family, friends, or anyone else who might find it useful.

By checking the "include calculation" checkbox, you can share your calculation as well.

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