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About the Common Factor Calculator

The common factor calculator finds all the common factors for a set of numbers.

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Here's a quick overview of the concept of factors and common factors.


A factor of a number is an integer that divides into that number evenly (leaves no remainder).

For example, 2\hspace{0.2em} 2 \hspace{0.2em} is a factor of 12\hspace{0.2em} 12 \hspace{0.2em}. Similarly, 3\hspace{0.2em} 3 \hspace{0.2em} is also a factor of 8\hspace{0.2em} 8 \hspace{0.2em}. But 5\hspace{0.2em} 5 \hspace{0.2em} is not a factor of 12\hspace{0.2em} 12 \hspace{0.2em} because it leaves a remainder, 2\hspace{0.2em} 2 \hspace{0.2em}.

Note — Factors can be both positive and negative. However, when talking about the factors of a positive number, generally, we care only about the positive factors.

Common Factors

For a group of numbers, common factors are factors common to the whole group. Or numbers that are factors of each number in the group.

As an example, consider this group of 3\hspace{0.2em} 3 \hspace{0.2em} numbers — 18\hspace{0.2em} 18 \hspace{0.2em}, 24\hspace{0.2em} 24 \hspace{0.2em}, and 36\hspace{0.2em} 36 \hspace{0.2em}.

Factors of 18\hspace{0.2em} 18 \hspace{0.2em}1\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 1} \hspace{0.2em}, 2\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 2} \hspace{0.2em}, 3\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 3} \hspace{0.2em}, 6\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 6} \hspace{0.2em}, 9\hspace{0.2em} 9 \hspace{0.2em}, and 18\hspace{0.2em} 18 \hspace{0.2em}

Factors of 24\hspace{0.2em} 24 \hspace{0.2em}1\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 1} \hspace{0.2em}, 2\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 2} \hspace{0.2em}, 3\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 3} \hspace{0.2em}, 4\hspace{0.2em} 4 \hspace{0.2em}, 6\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 6} \hspace{0.2em}, 12\hspace{0.2em} 12 \hspace{0.2em}, and 24\hspace{0.2em} 24 \hspace{0.2em}

Factors of 36\hspace{0.2em} 36 \hspace{0.2em}1\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 1} \hspace{0.2em}, 2\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 2} \hspace{0.2em}, 3\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 3} \hspace{0.2em}, 4\hspace{0.2em} 4 \hspace{0.2em}, 6\hspace{0.2em} {\color{Red} 6} \hspace{0.2em}, 9\hspace{0.2em} 9 \hspace{0.2em}, 12\hspace{0.2em} 12 \hspace{0.2em}, 18\hspace{0.2em} 18 \hspace{0.2em}, and 36\hspace{0.2em} 36 \hspace{0.2em}.

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